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Pre-travel, post-nasal drip

imageIt started about a week ago, that feeling of drainage down the back of my throat. Yet my throat felt fine and my sinuses have been clear. I thought maybe it was an early onset of my expected allergies. But yesterday, departure eve, my throat took on a bit of unwelcome scratchiness. Before going to bed I gargled with saltwater. That often helps.

This morning’s hoarseness and catch in the back of my throat did not offer comfort. More salt water. And a trip to Walgreens for something to ward off the encroaching symptoms of a cold. As yet, though, my sinuses are still clear. At least that won’t pose a problem as we later climb to 30,000 feet.

At the moment we sit at home, bags packed, boarding passes printed, and all items on the preparation list checked off. We’re just waiting for the time when Margie takes us to the airport.

Through the past few weeks has flowed, I admit, a subtle undercurrent of anxiety. Not about flying, but just a subtle worry about not being ready. What about this? What about that? And this, and this, and this….? I travel so infrequently I’m not familiar with the overall process.

Just like everyone else I made flight and hotel reservations online. But what if it was a scam and our flights really weren’t booked? What if we got to the airport and at baggage check the nice attendant said, “I’m sorry, I don’t see anything in our system for you.”

I feel much better with boarding passes in hand.

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