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How Can You Know?

There is good

and evil,

right and


There is love

and hatred,

truth and



How can you know

which is which,

with so much deception

in the world?


There is light

and darkness,

giving and


There is wisdom and


kindness and



How can you know

which is which,

with so much delusion

in the world?


Really, how can you know?

3 Responses to How Can You Know?

  1. TWF, it is hard to know things. Whereas it’s true that you can never know what you don’t know, the older I get the less sure I am about things in general. And, you’re right, that’s a very humbling place to be.

    This poem, by the way, was inspired by the current political goings-on. What a mess.

    Sabio, yes, of course, I include the delusion in my own mind as well as the rest of the world. But I do strive to discern what is beneficial and what is harmful, what is right and what is wrong, and so on. I do think it’s possible to elevate the mind above the clouds of confusion.

    And thanks for the poetry sites. I will take a look. I’ve only recently rekindled my interest it writing poetry. It’s an occupation that has come and gone several times over the years.

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    “with so much delusion

    in the world?”

    With so much delusion in our own minds, how can we know? I agree.

    Paul, you write poetry a lot. Have you ever thought of posting for a few poetry Prompt sites? Do you know what they are? You would get a lot of readers to see your creative pen. I set up a new poetry post over at http://www.yuanfields.wordpress.com and in my side bar you will see linked badges to such sites. I think you may enjoy them.

  3. TWF says:

    Great questioning poem. I wish I had the answer!

    I guess when we reflect on how hard it is to really know things, we should approach our own “knowledge” with great humility. The problem is that my pride still keeps getting in the way…

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