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How to Sell What You Make 3e Now on Amazon

I just delivered to my editor at Stackpole Books, the edited manuscript for the third edition of How to Sell What You Make: The Business of Marketing Crafts. The first edition was published in the spring of 1990, and has sold somewhere around 180,000 copies. The third edition, which is long overdue, is to come out in March of 2013. It’s already available for preorder on Amazon. Amazon did not exist in 1990, and was only a year old when the second edition came out in 1996, so you can imagine how outdated the book is.

You can read about how I got my first contract, and how I reconnected with my editor years later, here. To see the other books I wrote for Stackpole, click here.

Those of you familiar with the Portland arts and crafts scene may recognize the cover photograph from last year’s Wild Arts Festival, sponsored by the Audubon Society of Portland, at Montgomery Park.

2 Responses to How to Sell What You Make 3e Now on Amazon

  1. Isaac, thanks for the kind words. The official publication date is March 1, 2013. There should be plenty of copies available on Amazon then. And it’s discounted as well (for now, anyway). I do hope you find it useful and inspiring.

  2. Isaac says:

    Thank you so much for putting out a new edition! Amazon is sold out, I hope I’ll be able get one soon. I found the 1st Ed for free and bought the 2nd Ed after that. I’m starting my own jewelry business and your book is such a great reference for me!

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